We are passionate for Jesus Christ and his Word, full of the presence of God, we are people who always have something good to tell, we are people of good relationships, we are people who see what God sees, we are people of faith, prayer and action, we are People who develop their full potential with Christ, we always see the good side of things, we are prosperous and generous people, we are honest people, who rejoice when others are blessed, we are people who will form a better generation than ours. We are TIERRA DESEABLE.

We believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we are sure that the Bible is the Word of God, we believe that Jesus Christ became man without ceasing to be God, lived, died and rose again so that you and I were free from condemnation and death.

Our Beliefs


Óscar and Claudia


Óscar Calderón, Senior Pastor of the Desirable Land Church, President of the Board of the Biblical League of Colombia; Born in Bogotá, Colombia. With a family dedicated to the house of God and his work.

Our Story

Desirable Earth is born from the heart of God on February 28, 1998, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Meet Our Team

Daniel y Maira


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Youth leaders

Marlon y Yined


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Teenager Leaders

Doyler y Carolina


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TD Kids Leaders

Michael Stephen

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TD Worship Leader

Edwin y Ximena Cruz

Social Media and Information Leaders

Eiffer Carreño

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Mltimedia Leader

Nohora Chaparro

Women Leader


Orlando y Sandra Monroy

Associate Pastors

and Couples Leaders

Jorge Rozo

Evangelization Leader

Liliana Gallardo

Social Assistance and Visitation
Golden Age Leader

Gabriel y Luz Dary Vicioso

Social Assistance and Visitation
Leaders Visitation

Nohora Sierra

Social Assistance and Visitation

Leader Social Assistance

Rafael y Yuri Fernández

Leader of the Logistics Department

Morix y Martha Fuentes

Directors of the Biblical Institute

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